***Please note that if you are using iCloud then this may change to Apple's new iCloud Drive when upgrading to iOS 8. After upgrading, multiple devices using the same iCloud account will not fully synchronise new Pocket Money payments until they are all running iOS 8.***

OastSoft have now launched their first app for the iPhone and iPad.

Pocket Money is a simple-to-use iCloud-enabled application that maintains a Pocket Money banking system. This allows children to learn simple banking techniques, reduces the need to give them cash and provides an easy way to track children's expenditure.

Children can see how much they have earned from paid-chores, or make transactions back to the parent accounts when they want to buy something.

All transactions use a PIN number to authorise payments. Backups can be made in case of data loss. Statements can be emailed for any account. Data can be stored locally on your device, or in Apple's iCloud - thus allowing multiple devices to view and use the same data.

Parents can alter any payment and even delete erroneous payments - like a bank manager. Children can only pay money from their account - like a bank customer


Email: support@oastsoft.com


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